ClickBank For Beginners: Start your Affiliate Marketing Journey

Clickbank for Beginners

This guide is designed for ClickBank Beginners:

  1. Know about ClickBank
  2. Guide to choose the right product!
  3. Right ways promote a product?
  4. How to earn more commissions?
  5. Alternatives to ClickBank
ClickBank journey

Introduction to ClickBank

ClickBank HomePage

So, ClickBank is an online marketplace for both sellers and affiliate marketers. Clickbank act as a mediocre between a company/product and the sellers/promoter. You can make commissions by promoting someone else’s product. Most probably this is the best marketplace for all the beginners out there. 

If you are a beginner and just starting out then my number one recommendation would be to start with Clickbank. This is one of the easiest accessible Affiliate marketplaces. 

You just have to sign up and find a product to promote. I’ll be discussing these later in the post. It gives benefits to both the seller and the promoter.

  • The Seller gets a proven marketplace to get the sales for his product. All the efforts are made by the Affiliate Marketers to earn commissions. 
  • Affiliate Marketers get easy access to get sales commissions. They don’t have to create any product or service. 
There are a lot of myths about Clickbank. I’ll be clearing everything in this post.
A lot of people think that ClickBank is a scam but that’s not true. Although there are people who are promoting products that are not worth promoting. A lot of products are a scam, which can damage your image in front of your audience. But don’t worry I’ll teach you How to Find Great Affiliate Products on ClickBank.

How can you actually make money with ClickBank?

1. Become a Seller

Sell on ClickBank

Do you have any products? If yes, then you can earn money without even promoting it to anyone. You can place your product on Clickbank and the selling will be controlled by the limitless affiliate marketers on the platform. If your product has a high conversion rate than,  you can definitely make huge money without even investing a single buck in advertising. 

All the work will be done by the Affiliate Marketers to earn a decent commission. You can attract more and more marketers by giving a quality product with a high commission rate. 

Features of Selling on Clickbank?
Sell On ClickBank Features

Well, you get a lot of advantages of selling on Clickbank. All the features/advantages are given below.

  • Grow Your Business
  • Reach more and more audience
  • Increase your Sales Turnover
  • Get easy Payouts
  • Easy Purchase
Pricing to Sell on Clickbank?
Selling Price on ClickBank

You just have to pay a $49.95 single time fee for creating your seller account. This fee enables you to list your product on the platform. 

After paying the one time fee, you’ll have to pay a 7.5% + $1 per sale. These amounts are nothing in comparison to the benefits you get by promoting. 

2. Become an Affiliate Marketer

Become Affiliate on Clikbank

You can make huge commissions by promoting someone else’s product. There are a lot of people making thousands of dollars each day on Clickbank. You can do it too, but it takes a lot of hard work. Once, you’ll understand the secret strategies to affiliate marketing, your journey will become easier.

Features of Being an Affiliate Marketer on ClickBank?
Earn money on clickbank

I have also started my journey on Clickbank and trust me you can start too. It offers a number of features to its affiliate. Some of them are listed below. 

  • Earn Commissions up to 90%
  • On-Time Payment
  • Some products have recurring commissions too
  • Earn a good passive income

You get a lot of other features too…

Create Your Account on Clickbank

Create an Account on ClickBank

After Creating an Account on Clickbank, you will reach your account’s dashboard. The dashboard looks like this…

ClickBank Dashboard

This guide will be focusing on Affiliate Marketers. If you are looking forward to promoting someone else’s product and earn commissions, then this guide will be a blessing to you! Thank you… 

ClickBank for Beginners? Is it the Right Choice?

Well, I started my Affiliate Marketing Journey with ClickBank only. And trust me you can start your journey too. But make sure that you choose the right product. A right product can literally make you thousands of dollars. You can trust Clickbank for beginners.  A proper guide to help you in choosing the right product is given below.

Guide to Choosing the Right Product on ClickBank

Clickbank has a variety of product list. You can start with any niche. I will tell you about them below. 

Categories for Affiliates

As an Affiliate, you get a huge variety of products in their marketplace. You can start with any of them and earn huge commissions. Before starting, I want to tell you something. These points are for beginners. 

  • It will take time to get your first sale. 
  • You’ll have to be consistent.
  • Try to stick yourself to a single product. Don’t focus on promoting different products at the same time.
  • Try every possible way to promote your link in the right place. 
ClickBank Marketplace

On the right, you have a large list of categories. You can start with any of them. As per my recommendation, you can start with the following categories.

  • E-business and E-marketing
  • Health and Fitness
  • Parenting and Families
  • Self-Help
  • Spirituality, New age, and alternative beliefs.

All these categories will work perfectly for beginners. You can choose any of the product from these categories and promote. After selecting your category, it’s time to choose the best product to promote. You are reading Clickbank for beginners.

How to Find The Right Product on Clickbank for beginners?

ClickBank Products

This is one of  the product example. I will help you differentiate the right product. Below the product, you can see a list of different stats that will help you in choosing the right product. You just have to focus on the “Gravity“. 

For example, this product has a gravity of “62“. The gravity shows the number of affiliates, who earned commissions by promoting the product in last 90 Days.

The gravity “62” shows that 62 affiliates have earned commissions in the last 90 Days. And each on of them got an average commission of $216.50. 

Now, I will show you the hacks to find a right product on the basis of gravity.

Step 1. Select the category, you want to promote.

Sort to Gravity Clickbank

Step 2. Sort your Results on the basis of “Gravity” and keep the selection on “High to Low

This will help you to find the most selling products. For example, after sorting the products on the basis of gravity helped me in getting the top product on the top. I got this product with “559.3“. This shows that 559 people have sold this product in the last 90 days.

What are the Right Ways To Promote a Product?

If you are just starting out your Affiliate Marketing journey then I highly recommend you to go with Free Methods. I have written a full article that can help you in guiding you the right way to promote. Learn to Promote your Link and Get Sales.

How to Promote your Affiliate Link like a BOSS?

I have written an in-depth blog post that covers all that promotion technique, both Free and Paid. You must check it out and apply those things to get great affiliate sales. 

I have shared all the possible ways to promote your Affiliate links.

How to Get Sales in Affiliate Marketing like a Pro?

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How to Earn More Commissions?

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In this blog post, I have shared some of the great secrets and strategies to get quality traffic and turn your visitors into sales. You will gain from this article as Clickbank for beginners.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope you’ll be making sales after this article. For any queries, you can ask me on my Instagram handle. 

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