Email Marketing 101

This is a Complete Guide for Email Marketing, especially designed for beginners. 

You will learn the Step-By-Step Process to start, Growth Secrets, and the Strategies.

Let’s Start!

Email Marketing 101

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You’re at the Right Place To Learn Everything About Email Marketing!

In this guide, we’ll be covering almost everything about Email Marketing. You’ll learn How to Collect Leads, building relationships with your leads, and most importantly How to Use your Leads?

Before starting, I want to clear a doubt for those who think that Email Marketing is dead! My clear answer to them is NO!!

Email Marketing still works great only if you are using great strategies that we are going to discuss below. 

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is the most effective way of marketing and building relationships with your leads. It allows you to directly connect with every single person on your list. It is a part of Digital Marketing that lets you convert your existing customers into a Long-term Audience. 

According to a Study, Email Marketing gives you the most returns in comparison to any other marketing. This research shows that you get approximately 40 Times Return of every dollar Spend. No other marketing channels let you convert this much.

Now, let’s talk about the importance or the need for Email Marketing?

Importance of Email Marketing

Importance/ Need Of Email Marketing?

  1. High Conversions

Email Marketing is proved to give the highest conversion of all the marketing channels. As I told you earlier that it gives almost 40 Times Returns, which is really huge. You can easily get a minimum of 40X Returns for every dollar you spend on a single lead. 

  1. Cost-Effective

It is really cheap to collect emails, even if you are using paid channels. On Facebook Ads, it hardly costs you $1 per lead. Even if you are collecting 1000 leads, it will hardly cost you $1000. You can get great advantages out of these leads. 

  1. Customizable

You can send your own customized email to everyone, which is one of the factors that lead to high conversions. It allows you to create your own templates and data to give a high impact on the audience. You can add up different CTAs to attract even more Conversions.

  1. Easy to Track

All the email marketing services let you track the emails send. This tracking helps you to know the Email Open Rates, Reading, Actions Taken, etc. You can use this data to track the conversions and optimize other emails for better results. 

  1. Best Source of Traffic

You can use email marketing for driving traffic to your website. It allows you to share your website’s updates automatically with your audience. Emails drive high-quality traffic to your website that can be converted later. You can add up a Button or a Link With Special Colour to make it look different.

  1. Actionable

Emails are really easy to convert because of the appropriate information present in it. This lets people take action, whether it’s a click or reply. This is a really important factor to drive sales and traffic. 

How to Do Email Marketing (Step-By-Step)

Now, we will discuss the step-by-step process of getting started with Email Marketing. I’ll be covering everything you need to know about running a successful email campaign. 

Let’s Start!

1. Start With Planning

No matter what you are doing, planning pays the most crucial role in getting success. 

You must have heard that “Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail”. We will not make this mistake. Let’s start planning. 

By reading the importance of Email Marketing above, you must have understood How Email Marketing can help you.

I have seen people just start collecting leads but they don’t have any goals. That’s why I want you to decide the reason for getting started. 

Just to make your task easier, here are some of the common reasons that will help you.

Promotion- If you are new to the industry, then marketing through emails can be a really great option. People just trust emails. Also, emails don’t only give you brand recognition but you also get Credibility. 

You can run campaigns to tell people about your brand. 

Traffic- A lot of bloggers use email marketing to promote their blog posts that lead to an increase in their traffic. If you have a running blog, then email marketing can be a great option for you to Drive Quality Traffic. 

At present, almost every blogging website uses email marketing to drive traffic. 

Conversions/Sales-  If you want to get sales for your existing business, email marketing can be a great option. Since you know that on average marketing through emails give an average 40 Times Return. But it takes a lot of strategies to get the best results. 

Now, you must have got an idea of How email marketing can help you and your business to grow. 

I am sure that you must have decided the perfect reason for moving on to the next step. 

List Building Guide

2. Start Building List

Now, it’s time to build your list.

This is the time you win or fail. 

Make sure that you read this section carefully. This will help you in building your list from scratch

Let’s start. 

I’ll be dividing this section among Three Parts. 

  • The first one will talk about How to Be a Lead Magnet?
  • The second one will talk about the different ways to generate leads. 
  • And, the last one will tell you about Creating Conversion Optimized Content to Get Leads. 

We’ll move on to our First Section.

Before starting, let me tell you about…

Lead Magnet

What is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is a simple offer or benefit you give your audience to collect their lead. You can collect leads from potential audiences in exchange for some values. It can be in the form of Pop-ups, Banner, Landing Page, etc. 

What makes you a Good Lead Magnet?

That’s actually a really simple question. I want you to ask yourself, whether you’d give your information to someone without hoping for benefits?

Most of you will say NO!

So you might have got your answer with this question. If you really want to be a good lead magnet that attracts a lot of leads. My number one recommendation would be to “START GIVING VALUES.” 

Even at the present time, if you are not providing benefits to your audience; your business will definitely fail. 

Make sure that you hold your audience by constantly giving them benefits, it can be in the form of Freebies, exclusive deals, or any other form of value!

With this, our first section is over. 

Now, let’s move on to our second section which says…

Ultimate Ways To Collect Leads

Ultimate Ways To Collect Leads

“Leads are the Greatest Asset any business can Own”

Now, I will be sharing a lot of different ways to collect leads. 

These ways really want you to have a running blog, just in case you don’t have one. I highly recommend you to Start A Blog

Here are the different ways to Collect Leads of your Potential Customers.

1. Freebies

Well, everyone loves freebies especially when they just have to give their email address only.

This is the most effective way to attract leads. You can give away things that your audience might be interested in.

You can give the following things to attract more and more leads. 

This one is an example from, He is Offering FREE Affiliate Marketing Training and in return asking for your lead. Below, I have shared few other ways too…

Kulwant Nagi Affiliate Training


  • E-books: Ebooks can be a great resource to attract most of the leads. In my opinion you can create a special ebook that has complete go-to-guides. This type of content attracts people to enter their info. You can also make an ebook that has an effective case study, a proper guide to start, etc. 
  • Giveaways: You can start giving away exclusive things to your audience. It can be a premium subscription, product, or service. You can run contests that attract people and let the winner get a special consultation call with you, or any type of tool, etc…
    Sounds Interesting?
  • Free CoursesThis is another great way to collect leads. You can create a Free Course and invite people to Enroll in your Course. This will let you collect leads of the most potential audience. Also, giving away free courses let you build trust amongst your audience.
  • Webinars: You can host a Free webinar and invite people. This will also help you in collecting leads. Also, you can easily monetize your webinar’s audience. I have talked about it in my Webinar Mastery Course.
    These were the few examples of Freebies you can offer to your audience.
    Let’s move ahead!

2. Using Your Blog/ Website

Your blog/website can help you a lot in collecting leads, especially if you have a ton of Traffic coming each month.

There are several ways you can use your blog to collect leads. 

  • In Blog Posts Itself: You can use your blog post to add a pop up for lead collection. This is the most common way people use to collect leads. You can attach your pop-up or a link to the landing page using Anchor Texts. Also, while reading a blog post, if your audience is enjoying the value given in it; it becomes relatively easier to attract leads.
Problogger Lead Manget Sidebar
  • Sidebars: The sidebar is another great place for adding a lead magnet. You must have seen a lot of blogs adding up a lead magnet on their sidebars. It can be in the form of a newsletter or an Exclusive Offer for the audience. The above example is From
ShoutMeLoud Lead Magnet Footer
  • Footer: The Footer is another effective place to add up a lead magnet. You can add a link to a newsletter that will attract leads. For creating such Footers, I highly recommend you to use Elementor Pro. The above example is from were some of the most effective places to assign your lead magnet.  

3. Paid Ads

Paid Ads are another great way to collect leads. You can easily target the highest potential audience. To run ads, you can use any of the platforms. My recommendation would be using Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and LinkedIn Ads. These platforms get high conversions and I have personally tested each one of them. 

If you are a beginner, Facebook Ads are pretty easier to use. You can easily learn to run ads. 

For running a Paid Ad, you must use a Landing Page. Otherwise, your Ad account will be banned. You can check the best landing page builders here. 

These were some of the ways to collect Leads. Once you enter the world of email marketing, everything will become easy. 

Since you have learned about Lead Magnet and places to assign lead magnets. Now, I will teach you How to build Conversion optimized Lead Magnets. 

How to Create Conversion Optimized Lead Magnets

How to Create Conversion Optimized Lead Magnets?

No matter what place you are using to collect leads until you really know How to Convert them. 

In this section, you’ll learn How to Get the best Conversion rate. By conversion rate, I mean that How to Attract most leads out of a single Lead Magnet?

1. Use Exciting Headlines

Headlines play a very significant role in attracting people. Always use great headlines that create excitement in the audience. For creating such headlines you can use a Free Tool Called Title Generator. This tool can help you in creating effective headlines.

Headlines should show the main offer that must attract people to it. 

2. Add Engrossing Description

Since, you know that headings are used to attract people to the magnet. It’s time to focus on writing an engrossing description that will let people engage with the magnet. 

Here, you can describe the headline with the best copy you can. 

The description decides whether the person will enter their details or not. So just make sure that you focus on adding great values in the description. 

Email Marketing Tools

3. Use Graphics

Graphics also play a very significant role in attracting the user. Graphics make it easier for you to attract and let people know about the magnet. You can use a tool called Canva to create graphics. It is really easy to use and you get tons of pre-made templates. 

4. Create Urgency

This is another key factor that leads to great conversion. Here, you can add a running timer which creates an urgency to enter details. It can be like, sign up before the offer ends. Try to keep the timer short of time, at max 20 minutes. 

This actually works really well, when it comes to increasing the conversion rate. 

5. Show Exclusiveness

This is my personal favorite. Here, you can offer exclusiveness to the list. The best example of this factor is Brian Dean’s Backlinko. Look what he has done to attract even more leads.

He has a great headline which says, “Get Exclusive SEO Tips That I Only Share With Email Subscribers.” This shows the exclusiveness and lets people sign up for the list.

Backlinko Homepage

6. Don’t ask Too Much Information

Everyone hates to enter too much information. Always keep your lead magnet short and simple. I have seen people making this mistake of asking too much information. This can literally affect your conversion rate. 

At most, you should only ask for a Name and email id. And if it works, then try to ask only the email id. This actually helped me in increasing the conversion rate. 

These were some of the tips for Creating a Conversion Optimized Lead Magnet.

7. Use Content Locker

This is a great way to generate leads. You can create exclusive content for those who enter their email can get access to it. A lot of people use it to grab tons of leads. This can be a great lead magnet especially for authority websites. The best example of this type is again Brian Dean’s Backlinko. Here’s How he does it. 

Now you know How to Get Leads with the help of Lead Magnet. 

It’s time to move on to our next topic. 

Here, I will help you in finding a Fantastic Email Marketing Service.

Best Email Marketing Services For Beginners

No matter, How many Leads you have. If your email marketing service doesn’t work great, you’ll fail!

To get you out of this situation, I have a list of some services you can use to Get Started with marketing.

Constant Contact HomePage

1. Constant Contact

This is one of my personal favorite email marketing services. I think this is the perfect service a beginner can choose. It has a lot of features. I have listed some of them below:


  • Easy to Use
  • Great Tracking (Open, Read, Click, etc.)
  • Landing Page Builder Included
  • Hundreds of Pre-made Templates.
  • Autoresponder 

Constant Contact will be a perfect service you can use to get started with email marketing. You can get started with only $5, for a lite plan. This is best for beginners starting out.

Get a 30 Days FREE Trial

GetResponse Homepage

2. GetResponse

GetResponse is another service you can use. It has a lot of features. If you have an e-commerce store, this will just work perfectly fine. Here are some of the features:

  • More than 500 Pre-Made Templates
  • Drag and Drop Template Builder
  • AutoResponder
  • Conversion Optimized Content
  • Inbox Preview

These were some of the features. It will only cost you $15 per month, with a list size of 1000. You can upgrade anytime. 

Get your 30 Days FREE Trial

3. Mailer Lite

This is another service on my list. This just works perfectly fine, especially if you are a beginner. It has tons of features, some of them are listed below:

  • Drag and Drop Editor
  • Built-In Photo Editor
  • Automation
  • Subscriber Management

These were some of the features of MailerLite. The plans start from $10 per month with unlimited emails. You can Start with FREE as well, but that limits you to only 12,000 emails.

Get Your 30 Days FREE Trial

These are the top 3 services for beginners on my list. I am sure that you must have signed up with any one of the services. If not, then please go and register because the next steps will be dependent on the Services Only. 

Guide To Sending Emails

Now, you know How to Collect Leads and most probably you have registered yourself with any of the Service. 

It’s time to send emails, but before that I must clear your doubt. 

What to Send in an Email?

Here’s a quick disclaimer for the Beginners.

“Don’t over send emails to the list, otherwise your account will suffer.”

A lot of people make the mistake of sending too many emails to their list. This is completely wrong, this will either affect your account or the image you have in front of leads. 

Make sure that you use your list appropriately. 

Now, I will share some of the great reasons to send an email.

ProBlogger Lead Magnet

1. NewsLetter

This is one of the most common ways bloggers and website owners use. You can easily share the updates with the list. This can be your interview, new post update, etc. 

You can use this as the most effective way of driving traffic to your website/blog. Also, this can be a great way to let your audience know about the different updates.

The above example is taken from‘s newsletter lead magnet.

2. Deals

If you have a special deal for your audience, email marketing can be a great method to share it with them. You can create an exclusive offer for your list. 

This can be a great way to drive more and more sales. But make sure that you don’t send the affiliate link directly. Always Construct a bridge page to avoid getting into the spam folder. 

3. Launch

You can use your list to share your Launches. It can be a launch of Tool, Service, Course, etc.
Email list actually gets you the most conversion, only if you are using a great Copy. You must have read about Email Marketing, on average it gives a 40X Returns. Make sure that you use it wisely.

These are some of the most common ways to use your list. There are a lot of other ways too, you’ll learn them once you get started. 

Now, You are completely Ready to SEND EMAILS! 

I really hope that this email Marketing Guide Would have Helped you in getting started from scratch. 

This was just a guide to get started as a beginner. If you are interested in upgrading your level you can keep reading. 

Now It’s time to get Over The Bonus Section.

How to Get Successful In Email Marketing? (Quick Tips For Beginners)

Email Marketing Tips For Beginners

Now, I’ll be listing some of the quick tips that can help you in starting out. 

1. Take Permission

Permissions are really important for long term success. Always ask your leads, whether they are interested in being your list. This helps you in building trust and credibility.

2. Use Great Subject Line

Your subject lines will decide the open rate of your emails. Always keep your subject lines short and interesting. You can try to add a Suspense that creates interest amongst the person. You can use headlines that have a CliffHanger. For example, “Here’s Why You are not Making Money…”. This creates curiousness in the mind and increases the chance of opening.

3. Add a Catchy Description

A description will decide whether the person will take action or not. Always try to use words like, “you” or “I”. This shows that you are interacting, which indirectly leads people to take action.

4. Clean Inactive Leads

Since, you are paying for the leads. It is really important to clean inactive leads from the list. You can segregate the people who have not responded to your mails from the last 30 to 60 Days. If the person is not taking action, then there’s no point in keeping them on the list. 

5. Create Mobile-Friendly Design

You know, most of the emails are opened in mobiles. Mobile responsive design should be your priority while creating a Design. Also, make sure that you don’t add a lot of images. This actually affects the CTA Rate.

6. Never Buy Your Leads

There are a lot of people selling leads in the market. NEVER BUY LEADS! A lot of beginners make this mistake of buying leads which ultimately leads to Wastage of Money and in some cases Account Ban Too. So, make sure that you earn your own leads. I have already talked about various methods to collect leads above.

7. Keep It Short and Simple

Lengthy emails are less likely to convert. So, It’s highly recommended to keep your emails short and simple. Since people are spending time to read your emails, and if you’ll keep it short and easy, they are more likely to take action. An average of 5 to 6 Lines are considered really good. 

8. Try New Things

Once, you start sending emails, make sure that you are trying and testing different campaigns. You can experiment with Subject Lines, Content, CTA’s, etc. This actually helps you in understanding the leads in a much better way. And on top of that, it leads to High Conversions.

9. Never Sell Directly

A lot of people make the mistake of selling from day one. Instead, you should nurture your audience with quality values. This creates trust between you and them. Once they start trusting, then only your should recommend or sell any product or service. Direct selling would indirectly kill your future conversions. So make sure you are giving values from Day one.

How to Use Your List Perfectly?

Till now, you have already covered a lot of topics. And, you are ready to start sending emails to your list. 
Now, I am going to share some of the greatest ideas that can help you in generating revenue from the list. And For most of you, I am sure that revenue matters. There’s a basic principle which decides your revenue, “The Big The List, The More Revenue You Generate“. This is why, I asked you to learn all possible ways to collect leads. 
Without wasting any further time, I will share some of the methods to generate revenue over your list. 

I will be dividing this section in two parts, one in Monetization and other in Trusts and Credibility. 

Tips For Using List in Monetization’s Aspect

1. Digital Products

Digital Products are one of the most common ways to generate revenue over your list. Also, these products are easy to create and quite cheap which leads to more sales. 
On an average, a digital product can range somewhere between $5 to $1000 easily. Some of the example of Digital Products are:

  • E-Books
  • Exclusive Posts & Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Courses, etc.

These are some of the common ways to Make Money using Using Digital Products. 
Just in case you are wondering, Here is an example of Adam Enfroy, from He is promoting his Backlink and Affiliate Marketing Guide using his Email List. 
And, their are tons of other people doing the same. 

Adam Enfroy Email Copy

2. Affiliate Marketing

This is another most common way to monetize your blog and email list. I have created a Complete Affiliate Marketing Guide, read it Here
Before going ahead, if you know what affiliate marketing is then please make sure that you don’t send your affiliate link Directly. Doing this might result you in getting into spam folder. 
You can create a Review Post or a Landing Page to redirect them to the offer. You can really earn great commissions out of this business. 
Just for an example, you are getting an average of $30 per sale. And, you have an email list of 10,000 people. Out of those, you only got 2 percent conversions, which means 200 people actually bought the product.
That means you have generated an average of $600 on a single email.  

Although, all this would take time and efforts both. But, once you achieve a certain level. Generating Revenue gets a lot more easier than you think. 
You can click on the image to learn more about Affiliate Marketing.

3. Services

If you have a skill to offer, then your leads can be a great marketplace. You can offer what you have. Here, trust acts as an advantage. If you have built trust amongst the leads, Generating revenue by offering services becomes a lot easier. This is why I asked you to nurture your audience with a lot of values. All those things come into action when you need them.
You can offer a lot of services like Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and other services in your niche. These are just examples. 

Tips For Using List in Building Trust and Credibility

1. Giving Values

If you are just starting out and want people to know you, then this is the golden key. Yes, you can get a 40X Returns in terms of revenue but to reach at that point, you have to work upon the ethics. If you’ll nurture your audience from the beginning then you can easily increase your revenue. 
This is the best way to build trust as a newbie Brand or an Individual. 

2. Webinar Invitation

Over the past few months, webinars have actually changed a lot of things. You can host a huge number of people at the same time without spending too much. Learn More about Webinars.
This is another way to build trust among your audience. You can invite them to a webinar that’ll give them a lot of values. Just suppose you are into blogging niche, So You can host a webinar teaching people about How to Start a Blog. This was just an example.
Since you have the list that you have earned, so it will be easier to invite them in to the webinar. Also, If you have a Course or Program, you can advertise it at the end of webinar. Here’s An Example of Pat Flynn From   

Pat Flynn Webinar Invitation

Their are several other ways to build trust and credibility, it can be in the form of FREEBIES like e-books, paid Courses, etc. Giving away all these things let your audience think about you and your work. And, all these things directly lead to the “Foundation of Branding.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Email Marketing Works in 2020?

Yes!, Email Marketing is proven to give the highest returns out of all marketing channels. The returns can easily range from 2X to 40X. It depends upon the efforts and marketing strategy you put into.

Best Free Email Marketing Service

I personally don’t recommend to use such Free Services, instead you can get a 30 Days Trial on most of the service. You can try them and if you want, purchase them.

Should I start Doing Email Marketing for my Blog?

Yes! Ofcourse. Email Marketing can be a great source of traffic and sales for your blog. Emails tend to give the highest conversions of all. All what you need is a proper marketing strategy. Also, you can drive FREE Quality Traffic to your blog using your email list.

What is the Best Way To collect Leads?

People love paid Items for FREE, you can leverage this and giveaway paid ebooks or courses in exchange of their leads. By far this method works pretty well.


So! It’s a wrap now, I hope this email marketing guide would have helped you. If you have any question, just ask in the comment box below. Also, If this post has really helped, please do share this post with your fellows. 

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